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Fossil - Fossil Q Smartwatches

Collegiate ECHO Marketing Competition

The challenge: create an integrated omni-channel marketing campaign to drive Fossil Q Smartwatches sales using all Fossil marketing channels including their website, retail stores, social media platforms, as well as a paid media strategy. Fossil wanted a two part campaign in the second half of 2018 with an intent and awareness phase from July - September (Lead Generation Period) and a sales phase from October - December (Lead Fulfillment Period).

Brainstormed the big idea Style in sync and designed/executed the creative on all platforms. Also designed and put together the final proposal and visual summary, as well as storyboarded, filmed, and, edited the commercial.

Social media/SEM mockups and agency logo design by Joe Snedeker.

Redesigned Landing Page & Proposed Style Quiz

30 Second Spot

30 Second Spot

Watch Now

Direct Mail Advertisement

Tin designs made in Blender, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Tins and watches 3D modeled, textured, and rendered, in Blender. Click here to see more on the 3D models.

Retargeted Email

Social Media & SEM

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